Mechanical Cleaning

The Polly Pig method is as easy as it is ingenious. A cylinder-shaped foam-rubber plug is run through the lines with the aid of water and/or air.  The Polly Pig varies in density and its implementation depends on the type of conduit in question and what kind of sediment needs to be removed from the pipe. More stubborn sediments require higher-density pigs. They can also be equipped with a turf or steel brush for greater effect.

As the pig is moves forward through the pipe, it removes the sediment on the inside of the pipe; this sediment is simultaneously flushed in front of the pig. The method is repeated until a satisfactory result is obtained. Thanks to the pigs’ flexibility, they can handle being sent through 90 degree elbows and T-pieces. It can also handle minor fluctuations in the pipe’s inside diameter.



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